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  • Brett Roth

    53 year old father of 2 UF med students@ Shands. Have been self employed all of my life as a water well drilling contractor. At 17 I was in a motorcycle accident, and almost lost my right foot. During this event I have to receive blood. Well 30 years later I found out I had Hep-c. Long term is generally fatal. In 2007 I started having full body and joint pain, bad enough to me on 30 mg morphine every 4-6 hrs. This went on for 3 years until the morphine was worst than the pain. I have smoked for 30 + years, but we had Columbian, or Mexican occasionally some good indoor. Then I found the coricopia of Medical Maijuana in Califonia. As I came off the morphine( what a fucking nightmare) I discovered a vaporizer, and tested many strains. I found two that work wonderful for me, one kills the pain am
    Nd helps me sleep. The other helps me have a clean head to work by. It’s been a year and a half with no morphine, and I feel great. Or the best I can. Still go to three different doctors year round, and all have seen a improvement on my mental and physical health.
    I hope I never need legal representation for a substance that does nothing but improve the quality of ones life.

    Every one should visit a medical M.J. site called CBIS. THAT IS THERE TICKER SYMBOL. TYPE IT IN, AND FOLLOW THE LINKS.

  • Paul Tammaro

    I’m a Patient NOT a Criminal…

    I am very glad to see this site and also, glad to be here…I think the site referenced in the above post, belongs to (www.cannabisscience.com). Their NASDAQ ticker symbol is CBIS-Based in Colorado and rrun by Dr. Robert Melemeade PhD. He, and they, are presently doing CANCER RESEARCH USING CANNABIS-OIL TO KILL CANCER-all types.
    These folks are, hopefully, forcing the FDA and the DEA, DOJ, et al, to realize that “We The People” are on to them..We know Cannabis doesn’t make you mental-but eh Cannabis LAWS do…
    THUGS in D.C, thugs in every state-SHOW ME a governor who is NOT..It has gotten so bad we expect it..Not me..
    DEMAND MORE FROM POLITICIANS and scream until you can’t anymore..We’re almost there!~

  • Michael

    The patients help make this website. Please share your ailments and how cannabis helps.
    Thank you to everyone for your continued support in educating the masses on the benefits of cannabis.
    Email Jeffrey to learn how to donate and get I’m a Patient Not a Criminal koozies, hats, and tee shirts.

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